Best Tea For Anxiety

The Foundation: Honeybush and CBD – A Dynamic Duo for Anxiety Relief:

At the heart of our blend lies Honeybush, a soothing herb known for its gentle sweetness and earthy undertones. This foundational element sets the stage for a comforting experience, enhanced by the infusion of 25mg of CBD in each of the 10 tea bags. CBD, renowned for its potential anxiety-relieving properties, combines seamlessly with Honeybush to create a potent elixir designed to ease the mind and soothe the soul.

A Symphony of Flavors:

Our blend is a carefully curated combination of ingredients that transcends the ordinary. Apple pieces and Rose Hips add a touch of fruity vibrancy, while Cinnamon and Cocoa Nibs cultivate a warm and comforting atmosphere. Lemon Grass and Orange contribute a bright and refreshing essence, and the natural sweetness of Pineapple, Banana, and Chestnut flavors dance on the palate, creating a melody of tastes that delight and soothe, providing a moment of respite for those dealing with anxiety.

Great for Bedtime Bliss:

With no caffeine, our Hummingbird Herbal Tea becomes the perfect bedtime companion, not only ushering you into a state of relaxation but also supporting a peaceful night's sleep – a crucial component in managing anxiety.

Soothing Power of CBD:

Beyond its delightful taste, our Hummingbird Herbal Tea introduces the soothing power of CBD into your daily wellness routine, providing a natural and holistic approach to anxiety relief. Each sachet is thoughtfully designed to infuse your cup with a precise amount of CBD, making it effortless to incorporate into your moments of self-care.


Elevate your tea-drinking experience and discover a new level of relaxation, balance, and anxiety relief with every sip of our Hummingbird Herbal Tea. Embrace the gentle sweetness of Honeybush, the vibrant dance of fruity flavors, and the soothing power of CBD as you embark on a journey toward tranquility. It's more than tea; it's a moment of serenity in every cup, crafted to uplift your spirit and provide respite from the challenges of the day, offering a comforting embrace for those seeking relief from anxiety.