Award Winning CBD Bundle: Godfather OG & Blueberry Waffles

I'm a 70 year old disabled senior. I have 6 qualifications (most serious) for a medical card which I had for several years. I decided to switch to CBD flower. I've tried a lot of strains. There is absolutely nothing this effective. Not even from the dispensaries for severe pain, appetite, and sleep. Congrats guys. You've hit the target." - M

Godfather OG CBD Indoor Flower (Size): 3.5 grams
Blueberry Waffles CBD Indoor Flower (Size): 3.5 grams

Our CBD Flower Bundle offers two award-winning strains at a discounted rate! Choose your jar sizes and enjoy savings compared to buying them separately!

Godfather OG:

  • 1st Winner of the Emerald Cup
  • 17.06% CBD
  • Funky Fermenting Fruit

Blueberry Waffles:

  • 1st Place Winner of the High Times Hemp Cup
  • 13.49% CBD
  • Sweet Blueberries

Breed by Big Dog Exotic Genetics

"The blueberry waffles smells and tastes just as the name describes. The Godfather OG is super funky and potent. Both strains looked incredible, large dense buds with heavy frost. This is some serious top shelf flower..."- B

Our flower is grown in living soil beds using organic practices in our state-of-the-art, light-deprivation greenhouses.This is our most premium cannabis flower that is carefully grown in small batches to ensure the best product is produced for optimal wellness. Growing in this environment allows us to protect the plants from unwanted elements while allowing the natural sun to do what it does best!

We cultivate using regenerative and organic practices, placing a heavy focus on creating a balanced, nutrient-rich soil that is thriving with beneficial microorganisms. This method delivers a robust terpene profile and full spectrum of cannabinoids, delivering an exceptional cannabis experience. From seed to harvest, our commitment to living soil cultivation results in a flower that reflects the harmony of mother nature with the science of today's world, providing you with a truly medicinal and clean wellness experience. Where science meets soil.

Stoney Branch is committed to transparency. What's on the label is in the jar. All our products are tested by third-party labs to ensure they meet federal legal and health standards.

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Growing in our fully climate controlled light deprivation greenhouse allows us to cultivate year round, harvesting fresh flower 8-10 times per year!

This means that you will always receive our freshest flower!